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Health Supplements Can Improve Wrinkles in Menopausal Women

Base on the data from a pilot study published in the journal Menopause, there is a certain nutritional supplement that can be found in the Natural S-equol that the improve crow's feet wrinkles among Japanese women. This type of wrinkles usually appears on the outer layer of one's eyes.

These supplements which contain Natural S-equol can potentially slow down skin aging of women who are in their menopausal age. This study is also presented during the annual meeting of the North American Menopause Society or NAMS.

Earlier studies have previously shown that Natural S-equol supplements contain some beneficial effects on postmenopausal women who suffer from menopausal symptoms.

According to the Director of Scientific Affairs & Nutrition Education, Belinda H. Jenks, Ph.D. who is also the coauthor of the NAMS poster, this is the first study conducted on the effects of Natural S-equol supplements on menopausal skin and its results were quite remarkable.

Large studies which uses long period of treatment for menopausal women of different races have confirmed the effects of Natural S-equol supplements.

Not all women can produce S-equol which comes from the consumption of soy. The production can mostly depend of the kind of bacteria which is present on your large intestines and sometimes it can also be influences by the amount of your soy consumption.

Those who consume more soy are likely the ones who can produce high levels of natural S-equol. Base from the studies, Japanese women who can produce more S-equol naturally are experiencing fewer symptoms of menopausal.

Base on clinical trials, natural S-equol can reduce muscle discomfort and hot flashes which are both menopausal symptoms. S-equol can minimize the symptoms of menopause which are effects of the diminishing estrogen during the menopausal period. Skin aging can also be minimized.

The source of this article is the journal of "Menopause" and the clinical trials conducted by Tomomi Ueno, MS, Ayuko Oyama and Shigeto Uchiyama, MS.

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