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Health Research Shows Zinc Is Responsible For the Communication between Brain Cells

A research conducted by researchers from Duke University Medical Center and chemists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology made a discovery that zinc is very significant in the communication between brain cells.

It can also affect memory formation and controls the incidence of epileptic seizures. These researchers observed that zinc can regulate communication between hippocampus and neurons. This is where the processing of memory and learning occur and when communication is disrupted it can led to epilepsy.

According to James McNamara, M.D. from the Department of Neurobiology at Duke, the discovery of zinc is very important for achieving efficient communication of the nerve cells in the hippocampus.

Zinc supplements can be found in the counters of stores and it is typically used for treating different types of brain disorders which includes depression.

However, there are no evidences to prove that these supplements can indeed change the zinc content in the brain or whether it can change the efficient communication between the nerve cells of the brain.

McNamara stresses that people who are currently taking zinc supplements must be careful because there is still no clear information on how much zinc concentrations are needed and how these oral supplements can influence them.

About 50 years ago, researchers have found more concentration of zinc in the vesicles which is a special compartment of nerve cells. This enables the nerve cells to communicate well.

The most concentration of zinc is found in the neurons of the hippocampus which is the center of memory and learning.

The presence of zinc in the vesicles can somehow suggest the generally zinc plays an important role in the communication between nerve cells but whether it's a fact or not remained controversial.

The news source of this article is the Neuron Journal and the Duke Medical Center. Other authors of the research include Enhiui Pan, Stephen J. Lippard and colleagues.

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