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Health Solutions for Breast Cancer

A study from the University of Leeds revealed that they are a step closer into discovering new ways in stopping breast cancer from reoccurring. The findings of this research can be found in the International Journal of Cancer.

Based on their study, researchers found out that those novel drugs which are currently developed in order to cure other cancers can also be considered as a future cure for breast cancer. An improvement of the treatment for breast cancer can be seen in those patients who are using hormone therapies which include Tamoxifen.

These therapies are targeting proteins which cause tumor growth. Survival rates are consistent for those early stage patients who are having breast cancer. A lot of patients who are having these diseases can now look forward to a better and quality life.

Unfortunately, these hormone therapies are not effective in all patients and their tumors tend to grow more and spread. For other patients, the hormone therapies can work at the start, however somehow cancer can develop some resistance which enables the tumor to grow again.

Medical researchers from University of Leeds have now found the key protein that is responsible in the resistance to hormone therapies. Laboratory studies further shows that resistant tumors consist of excessive proteins called FGFR3.

For those patients who responded well to the hormone therapies have only lower levels of this protein. This finding is very important in pointing the link between the hormone treatment resistance and the FGFR3.

According to the lead author of the study Dr Darren Tomlinson, there are limited options available for those patients whose breast cancers are returning. It is very important to know the factors which are responsible in this resistance so that proper development of novel drugs can be utilized in order to treat recurrent breast cancer patients.

The source of this article is the International Journal of Cancer and this research is being funded by the Association for International Cancer Research.

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