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Health Study Shows That Women's Voices Can Allow Men to Determine Ovulation

A person's voice can reveal a lot of things which include their feelings, age and their sex. But recent studies show that women's voices also contain some indications that men can actually detect ovulation. The new study revealed in the journal PLoS ONE views that women's voice transmits reproductive information.

The study compared two voices, one that is being recorded in the high conception risk and the other recorded in the low conception risk. They compared the variation of the voices throughout the whole menstrual cycle. This is a very crucial step in evaluating the most vital information contained the variation of these voices.

The research revealed that there is a significant variation in women's voice throughout the entire menstrual cycle. There is a clear distinction for the highest conception risk as well as the low conception risk.

The study also shows that these women spoke with the highest tone preceding ovulation then the tone will rose again to undistinguished levels from pre-ovulation then after ovulation. Furthermore, the study also revealed the men are showing some preference to pre-ovulation voices rather than to the voices which are recorded during ovulation.

The authors of this study further conclude that women's voices do not really provide significant information on the timing of the ovulation. It also confirms that the reproductive state is being leaked and not broadcasted.

Therefore, it is seemingly unpredictable. In an interesting view, it also reveals that women's voice became irregular and harsher during the menstruation period. This scientific data further reveals why opera singers are being provided with grace days during their menstruation period.

The news source of this article is PLoS ONE. The study was based on the research conducted by Dr Ofer Amir from Tel-Aviv University, Prof Julia Fischer from German Primate Centre and Dr Stuart Semple from Roehampton University.

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