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Health Research about Making Decisions

Based on the research sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, the basis of our brain in making decisions are the numerous factors which correlate with each other and not through trial and error.

The study that contains in the journal Neuron states that there are certain regions in our brain that correlate these factors; these are the anterior cingulate cortex and the insula. Both of these regions are greatly associated with emotions, awareness as well as in the decision making.

Decision making is a very complex process which involves a lot of interdependent factors. Until now, it is still unclear on how these factors make sense. Researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre discovered that our brains can correlate between different events. Our brain tends to observe the result of one action then assume the outcomes of other actions without having to observe them individually.

Dr. Klaus Wunderlich further explains that we can imagine our ancestors exploring for foods. They could either choose to gather berries or hunt for deer. But they observed that deer are fond of eating berries. As they explore the woods, they observe that there are lesser berries which make them conclude that there can be many deer in the area. It makes them focus more on hunting.

The above example shows that the hunter can hunt successfully after trying it and observing the actual outcome. In our ever changing environment, key correlations are observed to be more stable compared to the relationships of each actions and rewards.

The fact is that deer eat berries; however hunting deer successfully is not constant from year to year. Upon learning the correlations of these events, you can immediately make efficient choices.

Peter Bossaerts, the co-author of the research makes his economistýs view which is if a person invests in multiple assets; he must see to it that he makes the right mix. This decision can be determined by correlating the returns of the assets.

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