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Health Discovery for Activation of Good Fat

According to researchers at the Joslin Diabetes Center, they have discovered two molecular pathways which are critical in the activation of good fat in the body. This innovation is very important for fighting diabetes as well as obesity. The brown fat is the type of fat which burns energy unlike white fat which is stored in the body.

This study is published in the issue of Endocrinology. The purpose of this study is to learn more on how a person can grow more brown fat cells. The researchers have identified two molecular pathways which directs to the growth of a protein called necdin which is responsible for blocking the growth of brown fat.

Researchers are finding ways in order to change the steps in these pathways. One way is to stimulate a protein called CREB, this is the protein that shuts down necdin and the other way is to block another protein called FoxO1 which is located in the second pathway. The research revealed that these two proteins bind directly in forming the necdin gene.

According to Aaron Cypess, MD, PhD who is the lead author of the research and a staff physician and an assistant investigator at Joslin, this important discovery can provide great opportunities.

The main point here is that we have to find ways on how to grow more brown fat cells. There is still some missing information which is important and needs to be filled in.

Based on the previous research done by a Joslin investigator Yu-Hua Tseng, Ph.D, there are some proofs that these two pathways are very essential in the growth of brown fat. One pathway begins with insulin cells which runs through two proteins which are called Ras and ERK1/2 then it will lead to CREB.

The second pathway also begins with insulin cells then it will also run into two proteins which are called P13-K and Akt then it gets into FoxO1. Dr. Cypess said that these two pathways are both effective.

The news source of this article is Endocrinology and the study is being funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Eli Lilly Foundation.

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