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Health Protein for Increasing Lifespan

According to the research which is being funded by European Union and Wellcome Trust, there is a certain protein which can increase the lifespan of some organisms which is known as Sirtuins. This protein is now being used in some anti-ageing creams.

Researchers had previously revealed that sirtuins can be linked to the longevity and ageing of the nematode worm, yeast and fruit fly. These are the common organisms which are being used as models for human ageing. The study discovered that if the sirtuin of these organisms' genes are overproduced, it can extend their lifespan, for the nematodes it has a significant extension of 50%.

Futhermore, it also revealed that there is a significant connection between dietary restriction and sirtuins. Dietary restriction means to reduce the amount of nutrients that are consumed by these organisms. Dietary restriction can significantly extend the lifespan of a lot of organisms and some mammals. Researchers said that it can activate the production of more sirtuins.

This study has made the media and the scientific community became more interested. In fact, they named sirtuin as a longevity gene. There are now several anti-ageing creams that contain resveratrol. Resveratrol is a certain plant that can activate sirtuins. However, successive research revealed some doubts about resveratrol whether it can really activate sirtuins.

A recent study which can be found in the journal of the Nature provides some significant evidence that indeed animal longevity previously seen in the previous experiments is not connected with sirtuin. This study is conducted by Dr .David Gems of the Institute of Healthy Ageing and several of his colleagues.

These researchers examined two types of nematode worms, each of this worms were coming from different previous studies. Both of these worms are manipulated to over activate their sirtuins.

These worms have lived longer compared to other worms which are not manipulated. However, after ensuring the elevation of the levels of sirtuin, they discovered that the longevity does not exist anymore.

They conclude that there are in fact certain genetic factors which cause longevity and this could be the mutation of the gene which developed the nerve cells.

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