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Health Researchers Discover the Link between Faith and Thinking Ability

Based on the research by the American Psychological Association, intuition is the reason why people have more faith in God than other people. Researchers from the Harvard University have found out from their numerous studies that those people who possess more intuitive thinking skills are those which have strong faith in God.

The research, which can be read on the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, is conducted by Amitai Shenhav who is a doctoral student, Joshua Greene, PhD an associate professor and David Rand, PhD a post doctoral fellow.

According to Shenhav, they wanted to know more on the varying beliefs of different people about God when it comes to the basic cognitive processes. Some people say that their intuitions led them in believing that ordinary events occur because it has a divine purpose and it did not involved any human causes.

Individuals who are having intuitive thinking style are the ones that are more confident in God regardless whether they have religious upbringing or not. However, people who have reflexive thinking style are the ones who have less confident in God.

Based on the study the link between the different levels of faith in God and the different thinking styles has nothing to do with the IQ or the thinking ability of the person. According to Rand, the method of thinking on solving problems that comes in a person's life is based on how much that person believes in God. Intuitions and reflections are very important and there must be a certain balance of these two

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